The Coed Vanishes I: Three Godfathers

Missing girl, half-fairy godparents, unhelpful vampires

We began in The Leaf, and we began on a rocky note. wWarden Dan Woodrell was unhappy with the way the recent skinwalker mess was handled, and he wasn’t at all shy about letting people know it. In particular he was unhappy about Callahan apparently maneuvering Los Lobos Loco into being lambs for the slaughter. Callahan got mad too, and things got intense. The two men locked eyes, and each got to see exactly what the other was made of. It turns out Woodrell is mostly made of gristle and murder.

When the Warden stalked out, Geronimo stepped in to reiterate to the group that upsetting the delicate balance of power in the city was a good way to get on his bad side.

At this point, Callahan was approached by Old Abner. Abner and his associates, Joe Peck and Tom Lane, owners and operators of The Paramount movie theater, needed help locating a missing girl. Mel Natwick, 18-year-old student at Eagleston University, hadn’t been heard from for a couple of days now, either by her roommate or by the three Lost Boys, who as friends of her late mother had long served as de facto godfathers. Sheriff Garnet, it seems, had been less than helpful when they applied to that quarter for aid, and so they sought out Callahan, desperately asking him to find out whatever he could, and to let them know just as soon as he learned anything.

Callahan and Nora interviewed the roommate, Jo Dolly, who didn’t know much. What she did know was that Mel had been seeing a young man lately, a fellow named Trevor. Also, the two young ladies had recently been hanging out at The Succubus Club, which of course is the local Red Court hot spot. Along the way, they also gave the room a thorough going over. Nothing suspicious, no sign of packing or preparing to leave. There were, however, a couple of hairs to be found in her brush. No more than that, however, for her godfathers had taught her to be careful about such things. Meanwhile, Drake sniffed around outside. Nothing weird had been around the dorm lately, and there weren’t any signs of a struggle nearby.

Sorcha put those hairs to use in a thaumaturgical effort to locate the missing girl. The pendulum swung to the western edge of the map, but then ran into some heavy interference: potent wards shielded the girl from scrying eyes, and the feedback destroyed the sample. Wherever Mel Natworth was, it was to the West, and in a place protected by someone with power.

Some digital legwork on Trevor turned up a fairly unremarkable college student. His first semester had been a little rocky grades-wise, he’d been in a band, spent some time delivering pizzas. More recently he’d quit the band, quit his job, and gotten his grades up.

Visiting Trevor’s place of residence, a run-down little bungalow in a bad part of town, they learned from his roommate Dave that Trevor hadn’t been around lately. In fact, Dave hadn’t seen much of him all semester, his room hadn’t been regularly occupied in weeks and he seemed to have changed in demeanor some.

Things again got tense at the Succubus Club, since the vampires didn’t want to let anyone in to see the boss, especially not a wizard. Callahan and Drake escalated the situation, perhaps rashly, but they ended up more or less on top of a Mexican standoff and managed to negotiate their way into the terribly cliched low-budget inner sanctum.

Damocles Ravenborn used a lot of words to say not much of anything, although he did deny all involvement, claimed his people were abiding by the current cease-fire conditions, and suggested that they might check with the fae. Meanwhile, Sorcha and Nora learned from the bartender that Trevor had been seen in the club, coming in on occasion semi-formally dressed and finding solitary or vulnerable-seeming folks and trying to corner them for earnest talking.

The fae lead led the party to Steers and Queers, where Tom O’ Bedlam held court in the wood-paneled back room. Like all the Sidhe, Tom was shy about giving straight answers, and Callahan rashly proposed a bargain. Tom brushed aside Drake’s attempt to get involved in the negotiations with a sudden fierce eagerness, and struck a bargain that had no end conditions for Callahan, in exchange for saying the things left unsaid about who the girl was and why the fae might want her.


Bellison Bellison

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