Big Lou

Lycanthrope biker gang leader


Los Lobos Loco play the role of stereotypical biker gang to the hilt, complete with bonfire-lit orgies, tavern-demolishing brawls, and running guns and drugs. Most of their hell-raising is done under the light of the full moon, since the gang’s really a pack of lycanthropes. Big Lou is the toughest, fastest, and most cunning of the pack, and his word is law as long as his teeth remain sharp and his grip strong. He acknowledges no laws other than “survival of the fittest” and “might makes right.” Cross him and he’ll never forget it.

He stands less than 6 feet tall, is built like a barrel overstuffed with muscles, and is covered in tattooes. His eyes are yellow, his teeth are white, and his long hair and beard are a shaggy silver in color.

Big Lou owns and more or less operates the Big Chief Junkyard, a sprawling expanse of rusting metal on the edge of the desert, where the lobos howl under the full moon.

Big Lou

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