Brock Shrapnel, Esq.

Los Lobos Locos' Lead Legal Light


Brock Shrapnel is a small man, not more than 5’7" and slightly built. His watery blue eyes are weak, and he wears thick horn-rimmed glasses. His hair is mostly gone. His mustache is neatly trimmed, his fingernails are immaculate, and wears very, very fine suits. He never raises his voice, and drives a brand new Lincoln town car.

Without him, the most feared biker gang in the state could not operate.

He makes the arrangements. He draws up the papers. He arranges the bail. John Shrapnel, Esquire, is Big Lou’s trusted consigliere and invaluable right hand. He does not ride with the wolves, he does not party with the wolves, and he certainly does not have the wolf spirit take him over under the full moon, but his association with them makes him a lot of money, and he will not let that be threatened.

Brock Shrapnel, Esq.

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