Callahan Donnough

Mark's PC


High Concept: Hard-boiled Eidolon Detective
Trouble: “I see dead people…and they piss me off.”
Other Aspects: Too Honest For His Own Good; Doesn’t Know When To Quit, Lay Down, and Stay Dead; Proud, But Not Stupid; With Friends Like These…Aw, Hell; Irrisistable Force of Affection, Immovable Object of Desire

Adjusted Refresh: 3

Ghost Speaker (-1)
“I Know Just the Guy” (Contacts)
Occultist (Ghosts)
Psychometry (-1)
Scene of the Crime (Investigation)
(-5 total)

Alertness +4
Investigation +5
Conviction +3
Endurance +4
Guns +3
Contacts +2
Fists +2
Intimidation +2
Lore +2
Presence +1
Rapport +1
Driving +1
Empathy +1
Athletics +1

Physical OOOOO
Mental OOOO
Social OOO


Son of an Okie silver miner; father died in the mines. Went to college, became a beat cop, then detective in Alberquerque. Returned to Poisonville to be a police detective; too honest for his own good.

Quickly made enemies within the sheriff’s department; investigations stymied, evidence lost, witnesses intimidated. And then he got ambushed by a Red Court run narco gang.

After two to the back of the head, Callahan sees dead people – and they see him. He hates it. Still, there’s no one else to avenge to dead in Poisonville, it might as well be him.

Callahan Donnough

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