Damocles Ravenborn

Somehow the Leader of the Red Court in Poisonville


Damocles Ravenborn is from Baltimore. Don’t ask him why he left, and never mention the name “Montrose” in his presence. If you do, he will throw a hissy fit, and that’s not something you want to be around when the person throwing the fit is superhumanly strong and fast.

Damocles wears a lot of black. And red, and burgundy. And some ivory lace sometimes, depending on how he’s feeling. Leather pants, velvet jackets, Silver jewelry, faux-vintage Bauhaus t-shirts, eyeliner, black lipstick and big fake Army boots are his style, and he’s rarely seen without a black leather trenchcoat, despite the New Mexico heat, which goes well with his katana.

He looks, acts like, and honestly is, a walking joke, but even if he is a gothy poser, he’s also a Red Court vampire, which means he’s a dangerous monster that eats people, and should be treated with the requisite amount of caution.

Damocles Ravenborn

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