Eddie Poole

Werewolf, slaughterhouse owner, vicious thug


Eddie Poole owns the Pack, the slaughterhouse and meatpacking plant that provides a lot of jobs, handles all the local beef, and keeps the east side of town smelling like blood and entrails. Many people know that Poole’s a sharp and ruthless businessman. A few know that his legitimate business enterprises are the tip of a brutal iceberg. Fewer than that know what he turns into in the light of the Moon, though the rumor is well-circulated in the supernatural community. Do not cross him. Do not fight him. He won’t stand for it.

Poole stands 6’4" and looks like someone who’s won a lot of closely contested brawls. Big, hairy-knuckled hands, thick wiry stubble, square forehead, wide full-lipped mouth.

Eddie Poole

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