Accorded Seneschal of Poisonville


It’s something almost never seen, at least outside the Nevernever, but an obscure provision of the Unseelie Accords allows for the creation of the post of Seneschal, a sort of neutral peace officer charged with keeping order in a certain area. A Seneschal must be mutually agreed upon by at least three signatories of the Accords, all of whom must have vested interest in that location, and once the post is established the Seneschal’s authority must be accepted by any other signatory parties with interests in that region or the appointment may be revoked.

The individual called Geronimo has been the Seneschal of Poisonville for a very long time, as humans measure it. He was appointed in 1900, and his sponsors were apparently the White Court, the Seelie Fae, the free-holding lord Syriothrax, among others. Hus authority is universally recognized in Poisonville, by the White Council, Red Court, Unseelie Court, Venatori Umbrorum, Black Court, Order of the Blackened Denarius, and Monoc Security. Nonsignatory groups like the Fellowship of St. Giles and the Catholic Church also defer to his authority. They do this not only because his office is backed by the full force of the Accords, but also because he is a very scary person.

Geronimo appears to be a tall, powerful, middle-aged Apache with braided graying hair and a preference for jeans and fringed jackets. He’s looked like that for more than a hundred years. If anyone knows what he really is, they’re not saying, but it’s safe to presume he’s not entirely human. He couldn’t have held his job for this long if there were any wizard, vampire, fairy, shapeshifter, or anything else who thought they could take him in a straight fight. He’s got power. And he doesn’t socialize much.


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