Hezekiah Jacobson

The Most Reverend Minister of the Church of He Who Sits Upon the Throne of Heaven


Jacobson’s the head man of the cult whose compound resides in the desert to the west of Poisonville. He’s sometimes seen picking up mail or supplies in town, though that’s mostly left to subordinates nowadays. Tall, scary-looking and mean, few have heard him speak outside his compound, and no one from in there speaks much to outsiders, except to proselytize.

Reverend Jacobson has no credentials, and no record, although Callaghan’s FBI contact has revealed that Jacobson’s real first name probably isn’t Hezekiah, and that in his youth he was an associate/pupil of a con man named Carl Morse, who died of a heart attack several years back.

Jacobson came to town maybe a decade ago, quietly bought an isolated and run-down ranch, and began quietly preaching his crazy comic-book derived gospel of the Saint of Killers to the weak-minded and vulnerable, building himself a bona fide cult and turning the ranch into a genuine compound, completely encircled by a serious chain-link fence.

To eyes that see, the fence is the anchor of some serious, White-Council-level wards, a potent and very well-established fortress. The Council’s looked at Jacobson hard since cult-leading sorcerers and Fourth-Law violations go together like PB&J, but with the war on, resources are slim, and if he’s been breaking the Laws, he’s been careful not to leave evidence. And, frankly, raiding Jacobson’s compound would likely require more manpower than the Wardens can spare.

The two former members of his church, one living and one dead, indicate that while true believers get to go out, the less fully indoctrinated are kept inside, and potentially rebellious cases get taken into the tool shed, and come out with their minds changed.

Hezekiah Jacobson

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