James Kojiro

Seth's PC


High Concept: Blind Immortal Searching For Rest
Trouble: Pilgrim On the White Path Between the Rivers
Other Aspects: My Blade, Like the Wolf, Hungers For Blood; Reborn On the Battlefield; I Am 500 Years Old, and I Cannot Die; Complicated Relationship With the Red Court; Walks A Path Mired With Blood.

Adjusted Refresh: 2

Supernatural Recovery (The Catch: If your head comes away from your neck, it’s over) -4
Supernatural Sense: The Quickening (can sense the presence of other Immortals, recognizes Holy Ground)(-1)
Supernatural Sense: Heart of the Stag (The Quickening allows him to sense the ki of other living things nearby, allowing him to fight even though blind)(-1)

Alertness +4
Athletics +3
Deceit +2
Discipline +4
Empathy +1
Endurance +1
Fists +2
Rapport +3
Weapons +5

Physical OOO
Mental OO
Social OO


Born to into a low-level Samurai family, he learned the ways of the sword. His father Akuma, a vicious man filled with vainglory, taught him to seek glory and favor in battle. And on his son’s birthday gave him a blade made by Sengo Muramasa. He and his father left for the Battle of Sekigahara to fight.

The Battle of Sekigahara. His entire family is cut down in the battle, he is blinded and then disemboweled by a powerful warrior with a yellow flag, the word ‘Flame’ was written on the flag. He then awoke, blind and was taken in by a gardner, a former Buddhist Monk who teaches him the ways of Zen.

Kojiro has tired of the Game played by the Immortals, seeking peace in Poisonville, running a quiet little tea shop.

James Kojiro

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