Jason Drake

Jon's PC


High Concept: Pyromancer Were-Wolverine
Trouble: In-Hock Dragon’s Pawn
Other Aspects: Wolfsbane; Man of Order, Wolverine of Chaos; Fiery Bastard; Friend In Deed; The Guy That Knows

Adjusted Refresh: 2

Channeling: Pyromancy
Para(Normal)Legal (2 to rolls made to Scholarship/Lore/Investigation for legal/contract issues)
Beast Change (-1)
Claws (-1)
Echoes of the Beast (-1)
Human Form (
Refinement: 2 Focus Item Slots
Wizard’s Constitution (

Alertness 3 (5)
Athletics 1 (3)
Contacts 2 (0)
Conviction 3 (1)
Discipline 3 (0)
Empathy 2 (0)
Endurance 1 (4)
Fists 0 (5)
Guns 1 (0)
Investigation 1 (2)
Lore 4 (1)
(Might 2)
Deceit +1 (
Presence 1 (0)
Rapport 2 (0)
Resources 1 (0)
Scholarship 4 (1)
Stealth 2 (3)
(Survival +4)

Colt Python (Weapon 2)

Physical OOO (OOOO)
Mental OOO (OO)
Social OOO (OO)

Dragon’s Fang
Bone Handled Ebony Walking Stick- Fire, Atk: +1 Power +2 Control

Ring of Fire (Drake is Johnny Cash Fan)-
Obsidian Ring w/ a Golden Sheen – Fire, Def: +1 Power

Rote Spells

Ofuscante “Blinding”- Fire Offensive Maneuver, 4 Shifts
Effect: If the spell hits, the target has sticky aspect “Blinded” applied
Description: A brilliant flash of white light in the targets eyes

Derreter (Deheter) “Melt”- 4 Shifts
Effect: Destroy Target Object

Protetor “Shield”- Fire Defensive Block, 4 Shifts(5 for Effect)
Duration: 1 Exchange
Effect: A shimmering field of intense heat disintegrates incoming attacks

Not a Rote- Queimadura (k-madura) “Burn”- Fire Attack(4 Raises Standard for Power and Control)
One Target in LoS, inflicting Physical Stress


Born in Poisonville,Family has run the pawnshop as long as its existed, which is as far back as anyone can remember. Family is father(deceased) who worked bar at a local watering hole, mother was were-wolverine employee of the shop.Father killed mysteriously before birth.Mother taught him much of his nature lore and how to act as wolverine. This was also the only time she seemed happy, as a proud beast. This served to alienate him further from other kids, and highlight the differences between normal folk. Dragon closest to father figure, but distant. Character made few friends growing up, far more connections. Callahan Donnough is a close friend, made much closer after Callahan’s clueing in. It seems likely that this normalcy is the only reason the relationship survived, as several quaintances with possible supernatural bent were scared off or dissapeared growing up.

Attends Eagleston university, majored in business admin, minored in forestry. Pawn owner pays way through. Currently working on thesis of Valuing FInds of Ancient Antiquities. Came across a rape in progress while foraging and chose to intervene, mauling the attacker.

What starts out as a puzzling assignment from the Boss goes south when Jason finds serial killings, vampires, and worse- vampire politics underneath the surface of an impossible theft from the Nightshade. In over his head, Jason will need all the help he can get to to navigate the labyrinthine plots and track down the thief before the balance of power in Poisonville is forever altered in “Fiery Dawn”!

Having a friend who’s an over-zealous cop isn’t easy in Poisonville. Drake had always kept an eye out for for Donnough, making sure he never got in too far over his head. It was occasionally messy, but that’s what friends are for.

Jason Drake

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