Mister White

The White Court's Top Diplomat


There are three great houses of the White Court, Raith, Skavis, and Malvora. They exist in an uneasy equilibrium, a delicate balance of power simultaneously maintained and threatened by their constant political maneuvering; The Incubi and Succubi of the White Court make Machiavelli’s Italy look like a grade school playground. But sometimes, the houses need to be unified, and to be seen as unified when interacting with outsiders.

That’s why they made Mister White. Careful breeding using lesser scions of the houses eventually produced a child who had a perfect balance of one third Raith blood, one third Skavis, and one third Malvora. Equally loyal to all of the houses at once, ultimately loyal to none of them, Mister White is regarded as an outsider by his kin, his sole loyalty given to the White Court as a whole. And that loyalty is presumed to be absolute. He is the White King’s personal emissary, and in his official capacity, his word is the word of the White Court, and an affront to him is an affront to all his kin.

This means that he is very, very careful about what he says and does, and everyone else is very, very careful about what they say or do to him.


Mister White

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