Nora Clarke

Cecilia's PC


High Concept: Plucky Girl Reporter
Trouble: Anything For A Story
Other Aspects: What They Don’t Know Can Hurt Them; Knowledge Is Power, Knowledge Is Pain; My Reputation Precedes Me, Thank God I Brought My Gun; Boris Babich, Editor-in-Chief

Adjusted Refresh: 5

Blend In
Honest Lies
Let Me Buy You A Drink
Pin the Tail

Alertness +1
Athletics +1
Burglary +1
Contacts +2
Deceit +4
Empathy +2
Guns +3
Investigation +4
Rapport +3
Resources +1
Scholarship +1
Stealth +2

Physical OO
Mental OO
Social OO


Nora led a fairly normal life in Texas with her family until she saw the movie Blood Diamond in high school. She joined her high school newspaper in an effort to uncover the seedy underbelly of the administration (much to the principle’s chagrin). From there, she began an internship with her local paper, and attended the local university to get her degree. She got into frequent trouble (think Veronica Mars meets Lois Lane).

Watching movies like Taken and Blood Diamond opened Nora’s eyes to the evils and corruptions of this world and the power of one reporter in the field. In addition to a natural curiosity, she was drawn to investigative journalism by a desire to do something good for the world – the people ought to know what’s going on around them, and she is just the girl to show them what’s what.

One thing that really shaped her was when her investigative exploits led to her discovering her father’s long-standing affair with one of her high school teachers. It was at this point she first really understood that such knowledge can be dangerous, as she watched the truth tear her family apart.

Got a job with a fairly reputable paper in a small town in NM and worked her way up to a position reporting on politics. In the course of her work, she uncovered a major corruption scandal between the mayor and the local drug cartel, which of course pissed off the drug lords and the mayor, and some vampires without really knowing it as well. In the course of her investigation, she tracked some contacts down to Poisonville, including the pawn shop manager.

Her editor refused to run the story (also in cahoots, apparently), even though she hd risked her life getting it, and she resigned in protest. Took her story (despite bribes and threats) public through another source, and was as a result discredited and subjected to some pretty serious character assasination ensuring she’d never work in that town again. So… she got a job in Poisonville instead.

Callahan Donnough stars in DEAD ON ARRIVAL – When an idealistic sheriff’s deputy is betrayed by his corrupt boss and left for dead by a Red Court-run narco gang, he returns from the dead…and the dead come with him.

The unjustly slain, those with unfinished business have only one man to turn to. When Donnough uncovers the narco gang’s organ-smuggling ring, it looks like he’s going to need some help. He turns to childhood friend Drake for assistance, and in doing so, runs into a certain intrepid reporter…

What started as a “Missing Persons” case quickly turned much darker when intrepid reporter Nora Clarke followed her nose just a bit too far.

Discovering an organ-smuggling ring is one thing. Discovering a guy who talks to dead people like they were alive is, well, it’s a challenge. Working with said guy to actually STOP said ring… That’s the first time Nora was really called off the sidelines to step into the newsprint and become part of the story herself.

The distraction of the Vampire War allowed some of the smaller supernatural conflicts to flare up; against her master’s orders, Sorcha decided to deal with an influx of Fomorians into the paths of the Never-Never. Her success in stopping the invasion meant that her status as a full wizard couldn’t be denied.

“Go there, report on some things!”

Yes, this is the call that springs Nora Clarke into action. Partly because she loves the biz. Partly because Boris Babich, Editor-in-Chief and the boss of Nora, is sort of a scary man when his reporters don’t report.

So, rumors of strange things happening, disruptions, disappearances – that’s Nora’s bread and butter. Babich sends her to find out what the hell is with all this weird stuff happening all over town. (Supernatural conflicts tend to have rather mundane consequences sometimes – like bodies.) She thought she was just making a contact, maybe Sorcha might know something, and she stopped by her place to see if she could schedule an interview.

Well, one thing led to another, and long story short – Nora ended up tailing Sorcha straight into the path of the aforementioned invasion.

Sometimes work is tough.

Nora Clarke

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