Sorcha Shanahan

Jen's PC


High Concept: Healer, Druid, Alchemist, Wizard
Trouble: Ancient Bloodline, Ancient Taint
Other Aspects: Irrisistable Force of Affection, Immovable Object of Desire; Let It Be a Test of Wills; A Foot In Both Worlds; “Here, Drink This!”; Nature Is My Care, Nature Is My Ally

Adjusted Refresh: 1
Milestones: 2 significant

Evocation (Water, Earth, Spirit) (-3)
Evocation Specialty: Earth (Power)
Thaumaturgy (-3)
Thaumaturgy Specialization: Crafting (Frequency)
The Sight -1
Soulgaze (0)
Wizard’s Constitution (0)
Focus Items: Platinum bracelet, +1 to Spirit (Defensive Control); Silken Cincture, +1 Strength to Crafted items; Rowanwood Staff; +1 to Earth (Offensive Control)
Enchanted Items: 2 Potion Slots, 2 uses each.

Evocation Rotes:
Water Blast: 4 shifts
Gravity Flux: 4 shifts, maneuver
Water Barrier: 4 shifts
Stone Explosion: 4 shifts
Faerie Veil: 4 shifts

Alertness +2
Athletics +1
Conviction +4
Craftsmanship +3
Discipline +4
Empathy +3
Endurance +1
Lore +5
Presence +1
Rapport +2
Resources +2
Scholarship +3
Survival +1
Weapons +1

Physical OOO
Mental OOOO
Social OOO


Grew up in Ireland during the Troubles; her two younger siblings (twins, brother and sister) were killed in the violence, and at least one of her wizardly cousins turned to the dark during the conflict.

Well, the “Troubles” in Ireland lasted through the 80s and 90s; in fact, digs around Ahah. The incident that killed her brother and sister happened in 1993, it was retaliation for a fairly high-profile IRA bombing ( I peg her at around 15 when that happened, just when her magic abilities were starting to waken, so she would be mid-30s for the game. And, given some of the off-hand comments in the Dresden books, that may not be too far out of average — Dresden’s constantly being referred to as one of the youngest full wizards on the Council, and that’s even a plot point in Summer Knight…

Growing up during the Time of Troubles taught Sorcha much about the futility of the cycle of escalation of violence, and the ease with which violence can spill over onto innocent victims. Overt violence won’t be her first resort; in fact, she’d often prefer to avoid it altogether, if need be. She’s experienced first-hand the grief felt by those caught in the crossfire; in response, when she acts out of power, she tries to do so responsibly, and when she has to do something big, she’s clumsy, unaccustomed to it.

After the death of her siblings, one of her cousins (possibly having been chosen by the family to be her master, when she was ready) gave his support to the IRA and his power to the dark. The reaction of the White Council was to apprentice Sorcha, the only apprentice-age child of the family, to Wizard Gregory Barker, a two-century-old English wizard with a grudge against Irishmen and black magicians. Needless to say, it wasn’t the best match of master and apprentice..

The distraction of the Vampire War allowed some of the smaller supernatural conflicts to flare up; against her master’s orders, Sorcha decided to deal with an influx of Fomorians into the paths of the Never-Never. Her success in stopping the invasion meant that her status as a full wizard couldn’t be denied.

Sorcha Shanahan

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