Warden Dan Woodrell

Hard-bitten semi-limbed Warden


They say he came to New Mexico from Texas, many years ago, and came to Texas from Missouri. They say he rode with Quantrill and Anderson before he could shave, and by the time he earned full wizard status, he had a collection of Comanche and Apache scalps, taken from men he killed with gun, knife, or his bare hands. They say he was the most vicious killer in the White Council’s history, though he’s always stayed inside the letter of the First Law.

That’s what they say. No telling how much of that’s actual truth, of course. And now he’s missing his left foot and most of his right arm, which has made him meaner than ever, and also gotten him pulled off the front lines of the Vampire War. As the most disliked asshole in the Wardens, his rear-echelon status has not resulted in an Edinburgh assignment; his peers want him working as far away from them as possible.

He’s a hard-line, meaner-than-hell son of a bitch, and he hates everyone and everything. Stands 5’10" with a slouch, lean-hipped and wiry with long limbs. Has cheap prosthetics, walks with a hand-carved wooden crutch covered in runes. Generally wears a light duster and a Stetson hat. Iron gray mustache, white hair, flinty black eyes.

Warden Dan Woodrell

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