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  • Father Thorvald

    Father Thorvald came to assist the aging Father Martinez in his priestly duties some 4 months ago. Before that he was serving in Minnesota somewhere, and there are plenty of rumors about who he pissed off to end up assigned here. An extremely nice and …

  • Father Martinez

    Enrique Martinez used to be a very bad man. In his youth, he graduated from armed robbery to drug trafficking, and ended up spending fifteen years in prison after killing a man. He'll cheerfully tell you all this if you ask, and go on to tell you that, …

  • Old Man Wolf

    Old man, said to be Comanche, actually Creek. Lives alone in the desert, in a little shack. Comes into town sometimes for supplies. Seems crazy. May be a minor practitioner, according to rumor, but nobody seems to know for sure.

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